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Hydro Testing

We provide full cylinder service for SCBA, SCUBA, paintball, fire extinguishers, cascade cylinders to the lastest standards of the DOT CFR 49 edition 180 subpart C. This service is performed at SCBAS INC by fully D.O.T. trained technicians.

Fit Testing

We provide the lastest Quantitave Fit Testing for any major brand SCBA units. This service should be performed annually accordingly to the OSHA standard.  This service can be performed on-site or in-house.


SCBA Flow Testing

We are the Honeywell full service and warranty center for Illinois. The SCBA serivce can be done on-site or in-shop by
fully factory trained technicians. The air pack service range from the basic flow test to complete unit overhaul. Please contact us for any Honeywell SCBA needs.


Compressor Maintenance and Service

We are the full repair and warranty center for EagleAir compresors covering Illinois and Indiana. Also, we can provide service on any major brand of breathing air compressor. Please provide compressor model number and purification / cartridge numbers or comperssor issue for a service estimate.


Air Testing

We offer all your breathing air analytical needs to satifsy NFPA 1500 & 1989 standards. With X-zam labs you'll have the confidence and security in knowing that your air/gas systems is being monitored by a team of experts. Please contact us to idenifty to correct air test to fit your needs.


Air system Installation, Station or Truck

We can outfit your fire apparatus, trailer, or station with a breathing air systems to meet your needs. The system can be from the very basic to the complex. The mobile system are installed to satifsy the NFPA-1901  requirements and the station system to meet NFPA-1989 and NFPA-1500. We have installed hundreds of systems, so please feel free to contact us for your breathing air needs.